Ensuring that students are developing skills needed to access and participate in the community is an important part of the transition plan. For some individuals, a goal might be to identify the support they will need to sit in a van with a group and for others, it will be working towards navigating the community independently. Regardless of the amount of support that an individual requires, it is important that the student’s family and school team promote the development of these skills through exposure to meaningful community experiences. 

 This may include trips to the grocery store, attending appointments, going to concerts, going on vacation, navigating public transportation, and more.

For students with complex support needs, it is especially important to consider things like: 

Skill Progression


Easter Seals Youth & Transition Services

The Arc


Community Access Assessment    

Total Life Learning: Preparing for Transition – A Curriculum for All Students with Sensory Impairments                               

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Requesting Extracurricular Accommodations