A licorice necklace strung with cereal

String a Necklace to Eat

Kids will enjoy creating an edible necklace while developing fine motor skills.

Create an edible necklace to wear and eat

  1. String foods and candies onto the licorice.
  2. Children who are beginners can string foods with larger holes.
  3. Children who are more advanced can string foods with smaller holes or string in a simple sequence.

String necklace


Children can string crunchy, sticky, gooey, salty, and sweet foods, learning to accept an array of tastes.


art activities for kids who are blind

By Cecily Power

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Blind painter John Bramblitt, wearing dark glasses, a vest and necktie, smiles while sitting in front of one his murals.

Self-expression in art and at work: a Community Conversation with blind painter John Bramblitt

braille cell with dot 6 replaced with a music quarter note.

Music Braille Wheel Field Test

Keynote speaker for STEM Career Showcase, Myles DeBastion, holding a guitar standing between arrays of colored lights.

STEAM Career Showcase 2022