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STEM Field Mentors: STEM Career Showcase

Has your student connected with successful role models who are working in STEM Fields?

A ‘role model’ is defined as a person who others admire and want to emulate. All students benefit from teachers and professionals who are role models. Students with disabilities are inspired by successful professionals in STEM fields – especially when the role model has a similar disability. The STEM Career Showcase is an annual event that brings together 6-12th grade students with disabilities and dynamic professionals with disabilities who are passionate about their STEM careers. These professionals share their personal experiences about their exciting career choices and they provide insights on how to be successful in competitive careers as a person with a disability.

Learn more about the STEM Career Showcase and its goals in the short video below.

2017 STEM Career Showcase speakers

*2017 speakers shared personal experiences about being on the autism spectrum, visually impaired, hearing impaired, and physically impaired

View the full 2017 STEM Career Showcase video here. Also on this channel are previous STEM Career Showcase videos beginning in 2013.

Unable to attend the STEM Career Showcase in person? No worries! Each Showcase is streamed live and videos are available to view at your convenience. These videos are available to spark student interest in STEM careers and to show students that these exciting career choices are available to anyone! Teachers/parents: Watch these videos with your students/child. Learn more about various STEM Careers and learn from these role models who have ‘been there and done that!’ Every year brings new speakers who share about a variety of disabilities and an even wider range of incredible careers. Students, what type of career are YOU interested in?

By Diane Brauner

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