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Looking for a reading app (text-to-speech) that does not have an annual subscription?

Which text-to-speech app does your student use to listen to PDFs, web pages and books? Two popular apps for students with visual impairments used to be the Read2Go app (which is no longer available) and VoiceDream Reader (renamed TTS Voice Dream and is now an annual subscription).

The developer of Speech Central, Ivan Icin, is excited to share the recent (February 2024) updates with Paths to Technology viewers. Ivan mentioned that there are many additional improvements, but here are some of his favorites:

This video clip is an iPhone 12 mini with iOS 17.3 with the Apple Ava Premium Voice reading an excerpt from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The first text is read by the Speech Central app; at 43 seconds, the same text is read again by the VoiceDream Reader app.    

The second video clip showcases the Microsoft Azure voice first using the Speech Central app followed by NaturalReader app at 40 seconds.


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Note: The mobile versions of Speech Central are free. Enabling VoiceOver has the same effect as purchasing the Pro add-on, which is currently the only in-app purchase in the app. The Mac version is a one-time purchase of $9.99.

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