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Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data. In a nutshell, sounds have meaning. For decades, sonification has been an advanced tool for students who are blind or low vision, particularly for math. Math tools, such as talking graphing calculators, use sonification to provide critical information about charts and graphs. Sonification is being used by professionals in STEM fields to access and interpret data, such as astronomers studying exoplanets. In recent years, numerous new sonification tools have been created or are currently under development. Sonification is being applied to a variety of tasks; sonification is for everyone! Preschoolers to seasoned professionals and people with and without vision are gleaning important information from sonified resources!

Benefits of Sonification for Users Who are Blind or Low Vision

*From the World Sonification Chat group (WSC)

Advancements in technology are driving new applications for sonification, which in turn, is making sonification an important technology skill for students who are blind or visually impaired. How can sonification be applied to tasks for students who are blind or low vision?

Recently, there has been an organized interest in introducing sonification to young BLV students in age-appropriate activities, through simple apps. Just like other tech skills are introduced early, sonification should be introduced early and progressively grow as the student moves from elementary, middle and high school courses.

This Sonification Summary Page contains a list of and links to Paths to Technology posts about sonification. The Sonification Summary Page will be updated as more posts are published.

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