Image of a teacher annotating a blue circle on a worksheet using the Smart Form app.

Smart Forms: an Annotation App for the iPad Video

This video demonstrates the Smart Form, an iPad annotation app for low vision students.

Smart Forms is an annotation app that enables low vision students to write, type or dictate on top of an electronic document.  Students can also take a picture of a print document and open that photo in Smart Forms and then annotate on the document. The completed document can be printed or emailed.  Zoom, Zoom Windows, and pinch-to-zoom work well with Smart Forms, making this app an easy method for low vision students to complete assignments.  Students can drag the text box enabling answers to be placed on a line. Smart Forms (and other apps similar to Smart Forms) are not accessible with VoiceOver.

This video was created by Kim Hudson using iOS 8.1 on the iPad.  In this video, Kim also demonstrated Zoom Window, a built-in iOS magnification feature.

By Diane Brauner

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