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Seeing Sadie and CVI Website

Follow this dynamic TVI and family of a young girl with CVI as they share resources, experiences and lesson plans!

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest to learn more about Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and best practices for working with students with CVI. In a nutshell, CVI is when the brain has trouble interpreting what the eye sees. Children with CVI tend to have complex visual impairments and present somewhere within a wide range of visual abilities; assessing and understanding each of the three phases helps to identify the optimal teaching strategies.

The Seeing Sadie and CVI website has been years in the making! The website was created around Sadie Jo, an adorable fun-loving first grader with CVI. Sadie’s mom, a stay at home mother of three, honestly shares her struggles and successes as she passionately works to ensure that students like Sadie are given opportunities to have a successful and fulfilled life. Sadie’s TVI, Lisha, is a dynamic TVI with the Perkins-Roman CVI accreditation who shares her experiences, lessons, and CVI resources.

The Seeing Sadie and CVI website also includes blogs, lessons, and videos, providing educators and families practical – and much desired – information and strategies for teaching a student with CVI. A list of favorite CVI-friendly iPad apps and other CVI-related resources are available.

This incredible website shows CVI in a practical way from the viewpoint a experienced TVI and from knowledgeable mom. Check out the Seeing Sadie and CVI website here!

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