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Seeing AI: Now for Android

This 'must-have' app is now available for Android phones!

The hugely popular Seeing AI app was released for iOS six years ago, is now available for Android phones! Created by Microsoft, Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world around you. This app supports blind and low vision individuals with a variety of daily tasks by reading mail, identifying everyday products, describing images and so much more! This latest update has also included richer image descriptions when tapping ‘more info’ when on an image in Scene option. Taking advantage of ChatGPT, after reading text, you can now ask questions about that text, such as items on a menu, price on a receipt or to summarize and article. (Microsoft blog post) and the ability to Seeing AI has these options/channels:

Seeing AI is now available in 18 languages with a plan to add 18 more languages in 2024.

Seeing AI review

Sam with The Blind Life YouTube channel does an excellent job of reviewing and demonstrating the popular features in the Seeing AI app.

Seeing AI YouTube video by Sam, The Blind Life


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