Sean, a high school graduate talks about preparing to enter a training program.

Sean and Isiah’s journey part 4

Life after high school: Perkins Bootcamp and final preparations for WSB!

This week, Sean checks in on their last minute preparations as he and Isiah get ready for going to WSB. Sean’s leading the charge this week. 

Last minute preparations

We are leaving for Arkansas next week! We have about 4 days left to prepare for our trip. Here are some last minute preparations I am doing:

My thoughts going into this

I have a lot of things on my mind! I’m thinking back to all the times I have traveled in an airport and comparing to how it will be this time since I am doing it more independently. I am trying to prepare my brain for all the information that I will be taking in while at WSB. I am trying to not overthink things as well. I want to consider scenarios but not have too many so I don’t get overwhelmed. 

I am very excited to go to WSB and meet everyone! I am excited to see the living situation, talk to the teachers, etc. At WSB, I will be staying with a student so I can shadow them. I am excited about talking to them about going out in the community while they are there. I am excited to spend time checking out what a typical day looks like. I want to get a feel for public transportation and figure out how all of that works. 

I am nervous about the rigor of the program. I think I might be a little intimidated by the pace. I have a lot of things going through my mind about how it all works when I am actually a student. I think this visit will give me a good preview of what to expect because right now I talk and think about it without knowing any real detail. That’s the whole point of why Isiah and I are going. We talk a lot about this and I think this is what I want. Going there will help me know if this is the right path. I know it’s intimidating for young adults my age to figure all of this out. That’s why I am excited about the journal piece. I can share my preparation with all of you and hopefully it will help another young adult make an informed decision. 

Editor’s Note: In the video below, Sean describes his experiences with the Perkins Bootcamp, his plan to complete the final application form for WSB, and his thoughts about going to WSB.


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