Isiah standing in an airport hallway close to the boarding gate.

Sean and Isiah part 5: Airport

Life after high school: The boys reflect about their airport experiences.

The guys successfully navigated the airport and got themselves to World Services for the Blind campus. Here’s their journal with their reflections of the experience:

From Sean

The airport portion of the trip went very well. I was able to get a prospect agent, and they were able to help me the whole way through security and to the gate.   

I want to share something that my teacher pointed out to us. When you have a question, or you want something to happen, for example, when I arrive at the gate, I want Robbin to call out when she sees me, I could text her and say I’m here or even say exactly where I am. But those would be statements, I need to remember to ask questions. I learned this when Isiah gave a statement about where he was in the airport. I learned to follow that statement up with a question. For example, Isiah texted  where he was sitting at the gate. That statement didn’t indicate that he wanted us to meet him. I learned that you have to follow that up with a question like “will you guys come meet me?” Both the statement and the question communicate what you want. 

Honestly, getting here (to WSB) was so much easier than I thought. I am relieved that things went smoothly. I believe things went smoothly because I had all the information that I needed, the details and was prepared. I was in charge of myself and communicated well with airport personnel. I feel great because I now have learned that I could do this again if I needed or wanted to. I coordinated the guide service in both SLC and Little Rock. I had the contact information and coordinated my pick up. It all worked out because I was running the show. Another takeaway as I reflect on the success of this situation is my reminder about complacency. I am reminded that I need to step up regularly in my life and show up for myself. I know what it feels like to be complacent and just go with the flow. I get anxious when I get complacent. I don’t have a clear picture of the end goal when I just go with the flow. I need to prepare because it gives me a sense of calmness. I knew that I had all the information in my pocket. I didn’t have to scramble to get any information. This reduced my anxiety a ton! All my information was easily accessible. 

From Isiah  

One thing that I did pretty well was using Prospect service at the airport. This is my first time going through the airport independently. With Prospect, they guided me and I got to the gate without issues.  I had to be prepared by having my boarding pass and gate information. It was also helpful that I told them how to guide me instead of using a wheelchair. I was successful with getting through TSA. I was prepared for TSA by knowing the color of my backpack and having a plan for how I would get my stuff. I made sure I put my stuff together in the same bin. I told them to bring me my bin after I went through the security screening.  Giving the directions helped TSA agents know what to do and how to help me. 
 When we got to the Little Rock airport, I called the driver who was supposed to take us to WSB. I made sure that I had the information of the driver such as the type of vehicle and the pick up spot. This worked out well because I was able to tell the agent that was guiding me the information so I could meet the driver. This is a good learning experience for me. This experience helped me to know what to expect about returning to WSB in the future. At first I was nervous about flying but by the time I got to WSB I felt proud and happy with myself. 

Video 1: Sean at the Prospect Counter

Video 2: Isiah’s TSA Reflections

Video 3: Isiah at Prospect Counter


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