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Scribe for Meetings

Software that makes PowerPoint slides in Zoom meetings accessible in "real time"!

Zoom meetings have become the “new normal” for businesses and for classes. Scribe for Meetings is a new tool that enables the meeting host to upload PowerPoint Presentations ahead of time and then share a link to accessible versions of the slides. The slides are automatically synchronized with the presentation during the meeting. This enables the visually impaired and/or print impaired users to have access to accessible slides in ‘real time’ during the Zoom meeting or Zoom webinar. Note: Scribe for Meetings is currently only available for Zoom meetings or Zoom webinars.

The host can update multiple PowerPoint decks up to five minutes before the meeting.

Scribe for Meetings is currently free during beta testing. After the beta period, the presenter/presenter’s organization must have a purchased master account.

Learn more about Scribe for Meetings here.


By Diane Brauner

Graphic: How I read research sources with assistive technology.

How I read research sources with assistive technology

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