a scientist using a dropper to put liquid into a plastic dish

Scientific Method Review

An activity to review the steps of the scientific method for students who are visually impaired.

As students complete science projects, it is valuable to review the steps of the scientific method prior to the completion of the project board by having students make a smaller version of the science project board.  For students with a visual impairment the project board completion can be utilized as a review.  

This idea came out of a conversation that Kate Fraser and I had at POSB.  Thanks, Kate!

Prepare copies of the following steps of the scientific method in the appropriate reading medium for each student:

These terms can be either simplified or made more advanced depending on the levels of the student.  See variations for simpler wording.

Cut out the terms so that each term is on a separate strip of paper (See picture)

If a more kinesthetic activity is desired, students could each be given a card with one step of the scientific method listed taped to his/her back.  Students would read the other students backs and place themselves in the correct order.  Discussion of the scientific method would then occur.

The activity would then proceed with students placing all steps on individual pages as per the procedure. 

scientific collage

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