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A graphing calculator app that can be used by students with low vision

For your students with low vision who have to graph equations, and of course have to use graphing calculators, here is an inexpensive option you may want to consider. The following app was designed by William Jockush.  He would appreciate your feedback at: [email protected]

  1. The student must have an iPad (or Android tablet) since viewing these things on an iPhone doesn’t provide enough screen to take advantage of its new features.
  2. In the App Store, find the app called “Scientific Graphing Calculator 2”:   The developer is William Jockush and the current version costs 99 cents.  He has a free iPhone/iPad version which does NOT include the bold lines and print, and a 99 cent version that DOES include them. However, I think the Android version includes those features on the free app.  Free version:
  1. This graphing calculator seems simple to use.  The  “explanations” of concepts are good and it has been previewed by low vision colleagues who liked it.
  2. The size of the graphs are larger than any hand-held scientific graphing calculator.  The updated version is even better because it includes (in Settings) the ability to choose larger fonts–and they are clear and readable–and there are bolder lines for the graphs.  It gives you a graph the size of your screen that is super-readable!  I expect these changes will make this app accessible to a lot more of our low vision students.

Many thanks to Margaret Edwards from Special Programs at TSBVI for bringing this excellent product to my attention.

By Laura Hospitál

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