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Science and STEM Resources from Iowa

Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired has extensive resources for science teachers.

Jennifer Bliss, STEM Consultant from Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, has created extensive online resources for science teachers. As a statewide consultant, Jennifer typically sees students with visual impairments in general education classes and she has created numerous materials that will be helpful to both itinerant TVIs and general education science teachers. We encourage you to visit their website and explore the offerings! A partial listing of the contents follows below.

General Science Resources

These resources are designed to help educators prepare for a student with visual impairment in the science classroom. Visit the Iowa website to learn more!

Science Labs & Graphing

Explore these strategies and tools to promote active participation of students with visual impairments in
science labs and experiments.

Science Materials

Explore the STEM section of “Core Curriculum” to see what materials are available.


Explore the resources below to find out how to include students with visual impairments in additional STEM topics, such as computer science and coding.

Tactile Graphics

Students with visual impairments may require visual representations, including pictures, maps, graphs, charts, diagrams and other images, in an alternate format. Tactile graphics are a means of conveying non-textual information to students who are blind or visually impaired through the sense of touch. A person with a visual impairment can feel these raised lines and surfaces in order to obtain the same information people who are sighted get through looking at pictures or other visual images. For many students with visual impairments, tactile graphics are essential to accessing and participating in educational activities.

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Student fingers on the Monarch. APH's photo.

Making math more accessible: Monarch’s Word processor

Cartoon caterpillar on a half eaten leaf reading a book.

Butterflies part 1: Caterpillars

Monarch multiline braille display

Graphing with the Monarch and Desmos