Graphic: Mentoring

Science and engineering mentorship program

Are you interested in a STEM career?

Are your students interested in a career in a STEM field? Are you currently pursuing education in or a job in a STEM field? Interested in connecting with blind scientists and engineers or to help others learn the skills necessary to succeed in STEM fields?

You are invited to participate in our STEM mentorship program in the NFB Science and Engineering Division. All who are at least a junior in high school and are aspiring or already in a STEM career are welcome to sign up using the form below as a mentee, mentor, or both.

Mentorship program application form

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Newton Nguyen

[email protected]

You may also reach out to the program’s official email address

[email protected]

We look forward to building a community and learning with all of you!


Gene Kim, Kennedy Stomberg, and Newton Nguyen

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