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SAS Graphics Accelerator Summary Page

Learn about accessible digital charts and graphs!

Are you interested in learning about accessible digital charts, graphs, and maps? SAS Graphics Accelerator is a free Chrome extension that enables users to access digital charts and graphs. Students can access a teacher-created graphic, upload a graphic from the Internet or create their own. Navigate through these digital graphics and analyze the data contained in the graphic – with or without a screen reader.

There are numerous posts on Paths to Technology about SAS Graphics Accelerator; this summary post has been created to help educators and students to know what is available on this topic and to be able to quickly find these posts.

Paths to Technology has a Map Library with crowd-sourced non-visual digital maps which are available for everyone to use. If you create a map, please consider sharing it! Email us at [email protected].

SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps

(SAS Graphics Accelerator added the non-visual digital Maps in the spring of 2020.)

Using Non-Visual Digital Maps

Best Practices for Creating Non-Visual Digital Maps

O&M Map-Related Lessons

This is a series on how to introduce SAS Graphics Accelerator maps to an elementary student and how to embed these maps into the student’s current IEP goals. Each of these progressive posts addresses specific O&M concepts. Also included are posts about Victor and his transition O&M lessons to learn his college campus.

Classroom Map-Related Lessons

Map Webinars

SAS Graphics Accelerator Charts and Graphs


General Information and Tutorials

SAS Graphing Accelerator in the News

By Diane Brauner

Last update: 8/24/22