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Samantha: Self-Advocating Transition to Middle School Video

Video demonstrating student's eye condition, educational needs and personality as student transitions to middle school.

As part of her transition to middle school, Samantha created this amazing video about herself and shared the video with her future teachers.  In the video, Samantha describes her eye condition (albinism) and her educational needs; she wrapped up the video with a great description of herself.  In this two minute video, Samantha put her future teachers at ease about her visual impairment; watch the video and be prepared to fall in love with this adorable middle school student!

The video was recorded on an iPad; Samantha used iMovies to edit her video.

Collage of self-advocating transition to middle school

By Diane Brauner

Photo of two young men: Sean and Isiah.

Sean and Isiah’s journey part 2

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iCons and Earcons: Critical but often overlooked tech skills