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Ride Sharing Apps: Uber and Lyft

Information and strategies on using Uber and Lyft riding sharing apps as a visually impaired rider.

Need a ride?  Use your smart phone to find a ride in minutes.  With a simple tap of a button, a nearby community driver will pick you up!

For basic information about ride sharing apps, go to 9 Tips for Using Ride Sharing Apps if You have Vision Loss.

For basic information on how to set up and use Uber, go to Uber – A Transportation Option for Those with Low Vision.

In his blog post, Thoughts and Tips on using Uber with a Guide Dog, Mike May addresses the issue of a traveling with Uber, Lyft and traditional taxi services with a guide dog, his personal experiences with ride services and Uber’s 2-strike policy for drivers.  Mike also provides 7 strategies to reduce the likelihood of dog rejection when using Uber and Lyft services.  

Orientation and Mobility Specialists:  Uber and Lyft apps are accessible and available on both Apple and Android smartphones.  These mainstream ride services are less expensive than taxi services and are paid through the app – no money or credit card information is exchanged at the end of the ride.  Mike’s 7 tried-and-true strategies and his attitude on how to be a considerate rider should be shared with O&M students/clients!  One additional suggestion is to take a screenshot of the smartphone screen to save the driver/car information in case a personal item is left in the car.

To download the apps:

Uber in the App Store

Uber in Google Play

Lyft in the App Store

Lyft in Google Play


By Diane Brauner

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