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RFPQuick WebApp: Winning government contracts

Own a small business or have a business idea and want to procure government contracts?

RFPQuick is an accessible solution to help disabled and disadvantaged business owners succeed through commercial and government contracting. Are you a blind or low vision business owner or start-up company that is seeking a government contract? Did you know that this year, the U.S. government has set aside 23% of annual funds for contracting dollars to support socioeconomically disadvantaged and disabled businesses – and that this money is often not fully utilized? Blind or low vision business owners often find navigating and interacting with the complex government websites required to complete proposals to be challenging, especially when there are accessibility issues!

The U.S. government does not actually “produce” any items that they use – they purchase just about everything, which includes services to keep operations going! The government sends out RFPs to companies to produce items and receive the technical and business services they need. An RFP – Request for Proposal – is a business document that announces a project, describes it, and solicits bids from qualified contractors to complete it. 

Some of the categories for items and services the government procures are:

*You can see the full list of services and products here. 

Created by 3S Tech and Talent, RFPQuick is an inclusive and fully accessible web app designed to enable disadvantaged and disabled entrepreneurs and small business owners who are new to both Commercial and Government procurement markets. The web app is also an excellent solution for grant proposal writing. RFPQuick offers:

Beta testing

Do you have a business or want to start a business? RFPQuick is seeking beta testers who have a business idea or who are business owners. There is not an age requirement! If under 18, parental consent is needed. RFPQuick can help you respond quickly and efficiently to government requests for proposals!

Learn more about RFPQuick beta testing and how to sign up here. Beta testing began July 5, 2022.

3S Tech and Talent

3S Tech and Talent is an LLC is “actively working towards diversity, inclusion, and accessibility through technical & creative solutions. 3S offers paid virtual internships to people (including high school students) with disabilities. Each intern applies his/her personal talent through a Capstone project related to a real-life 3S application. This is an innovative revolving business model that supports people with disabilities by creating much needed accessible web applications, providing support to disabled small business owners to procure government contracts, and to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to expand individual talents on real-life applications!


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