Boy with CVI touching computer screen with a research article about CVI and genetic cuases

Research articles about CVI and the brain

A list of scientific research articles about CVI, the visual system, and the brain

The visual system and the implications of damage to the visual system have been and continues to be studied by research scientists and medical providers, including specific studies about CVI. As parents and professionals, it’s important to stay up to date with current research. Knowledge about the brain can get outdated quicker than we think. Scientists and clinicians are learning more and more about the brain, and specifically how our visual system works and what happens when there are specific impairments to the visual system.

The need for more research about CVI is paramount as we strive to improve outcomes for individuals with CVI. We need more research at every level, in every area so we can better understand how the brain works, the myriad of ways CVI manifests in individuals, and rehabilitative and educational approaches.

Here are some of the published research articles about the visual system, the brain, and CVI. 

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