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Remote Instruction Tip: Using Screen Recording on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to Create Engaging Content

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the built-in screen recording function on your iOS device to support remote student learning.

Vision providers all across the country are getting creative about providing remote instruction to students with visual impairments. One barrier some providers might run into is that some parents are opting their children out of live video lessons via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Hangouts, and Facetime. This may be because parents are concerned about the privacy implications of live video conferencing or they themselves are working from home and don’t have the bandwidth to handle multiple video conferences at the same time.

For this purpose I really love the built-in iOS Screen Recording feature.  Screen Recording allows you to capture whatever is on your device’s screen as well as your narration if you choose. Screen Recording works on any iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 11 or later. In the below video I explain how to enable and begin Screen Recording as well as briefly discuss one idea for creating meaningful educational content via Screen Recording. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below.  Also please feel free to share one idea you you have for how you might use Screen Recording in your own teaching.  

Please note: If you are looking for content on how to use Screen Recording via Voiceover or how to create Screen Recording activities for your students using Voiceover, please see my other blog post: Remote Instruction Tip: Teaching your students how to record their own screen with Voiceover


By Allie_Futty

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