Remote Instruction: Emerging Reader who is Deaf-Blind

Looking for fun literacy activities that can be taught remotely?

Lesson Objectives 

Themes: Amusement Park and Zoo 

Remote Instruction

During remote instruction this spring and summer, I worked with a deafblind student’s case manager to address shared goals. The objectives above are related to a shared literacy goal. I created digital books, as well as used digital books from Vooks, Capstone, and Epic to work on the above objectives. Teacher-created digital books were saved as PDFs as well as printed for the student. During Zoom lessons, I would sign each page of the story for the student. I also used the recording feature of Zoom to create short videos of myself reading these books in sign language. I also recorded myself signing books that were read aloud from Capstone and Epic that are related to the weekly theme. These books videos were shared them with the parents. After reading a book once, I would use a combination of shared visuals or picture symbols that the student also had a copy of to ask what, who, and where questions. The student answered the questions by pointing to the correct picture on the screen, selecting the correct picture symbols from an array of three, or using her AAC devices.  For example, when asked what the book was about, the student signed “zebra” and used her AAC device to independently say black and white zebra. When asked where the story took place, the student pointed to a picture symbol of either an amusement park, farm, or zoo. 

Attached are links to some teacher created books. One is a PDF copy, one is Word doc with alt text, and last one is of me signing a book. 

Baby Zoo Animals PDF

Baby Zoo Animals Word (with alt text)

Baby Zoo Animals video mp4 (video of Baby Zoo Animals book being read aloud and signed)

YouTube video of Baby Zoo Animals book being read aloud and signed.

And, here is a bonus book, At the Zoo 2 PDF! (This book has repetitive phrases – perfect for an emerging reader!)

At the Zoo 2 mp4 (video of book being read aloud and signed)

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