Blue whale with a bar chart in the background.

Recruiting TSVIs and students: Building graphics literacy skills

Learn about endangered lemurs and blue whales while building graphics skills!

Do you have a 2nd-5th grade braille reader who would benefit from building accuracy and efficiency with braille line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs? If you said “YES” to this question, you and your student are invited to take part in a research study during spring 2023.

Through a small grant from the University of South Carolina, Dr. Tina Herzberg and I have developed 2 units that use authentic science data about endangered species while teaching students how to accurately locate and use information in line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs. Students will listen to a narrator read information as they explore, locate, and use information on tactile graphics. They will work with their TSVI to complete the 2 units as part of the study. The study runs from February – May, 2023.

Please read the flyers for additional information. If you and your student are interested in participating in the study, please complete the Building Literacy Consent Form (below). Please also share the student recruitment flyer with the parents/guardians of your student.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tina Herzberg at [email protected] or 864-503-5572.

Thank you!

Penny Rosenblum & Tina Herzberg

$25 Gift cards are available to both TSVIs and students who complete both units!

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