Recruiting for Accessible Equation Editor User Study

Middle school, high school and college students - Pearson would you like your feedback!

Dealing with inaccessible mainstream digital math resources can be exhausting and frustrating! Here is a chance to provide your feedback and to support efforts to develop a much-needed math resource for students who are blind or low vision!

Creating tools to access and complete math in a digital format is a challenging task. A leading provider of educational assessments in the U.S., Pearson’s accessibility team has been diligently working on an accessible Equation Editor (AEE) and its support for braille input and output for a wide variety of math notations. 

The Accessible Equation Editor is a web application that supports Nemeth braille. Try the AEE here!

In order to advance their work on the AEE, Pearson is currently recruiting participants for the 2022 Accessible Equation Editor Study. Pearson will meet online with middle school, high school and college students who have a working knowledge of Nemeth, interview them to understands features of equation editors that are helpful to students and to seek their feedback on how they are currently completing math assignments. Research sessions will last between thirty minutes to one hour, and students will be compensated $50 for each half hour. This online study will provide our research team with valuable information as well as prequalified pool of participants we can recruit from for the main study in July. If you are interested in participating in this study, please provide the following information at the 2022 Equation Editor Study Recruiting Survey. You will be contacted to schedule a Zoom meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

Have questions about the Accessible Equation Editor or about the User Study? Contact:

Dan Brown, CPACC

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer, Blindness Technologies

Psychometrics and Testing Services

[email protected]

Editor’s Note: Having accessible math tools is a critical need for students who are blind or low vision. I am excited to see that the Accessible Equation Editor is moving forward and sincerely hope that EVERYONE who meets the criteria will participate in the study!

By Diane Brauner

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