Recorded! Map Library Webinar

Learn about this new and exciting Paths to Technology Resource Library!

Update! The Map Library Webinar was recorded and is now available below!

In honor of ADA’s 30th anniversary, Perkins and SAS have collaborated to develop an accessible Map Library which will be housed on the Paths to Technology website. Non-visual digital mapping technology enables students to instantly access map information for O&M purposes. Using these O&M-related maps, students can learn about the area, can learn a variety of orientation skills, and can build strong mental maps before traveling. During COVID-19 school closures, non-visual digital maps have been successfully used by transition students with visual impairments to remotely learn about their college campus. Maps are also embedded into many classroom subjects; students can use non-visual digital maps to answer classroom questions. Educators, students and people with visual impairments can download the available maps from the Map Library and participants will learn how to share their own custom-made maps. The Maps Library is crowd-sourced: SAS Interns have populated the library with more than 30 university maps along with a number of COMS who have added their custom-made O&M maps and scenarios on how they are using maps during O&M lessons. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how to download available non-visual digital maps from the Maps Library.
  2. Participants will learn how to share their customized maps to the Map Library.
  3. Participants will learn where to find at least 5 SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps resources, including how to create their own maps, how to teach non-visual digital maps, and map-related lesson plans.


Presenters: Diane Brauner and Ed Summers

When: July 29, 2020 1:00 pm eastern

By Diane Brauner

Symbol representing a written document.

Creating Headings for a Screen Reader: Lesson Plan

Cartoon detective scratching his head and  bending over to look through a large magnifying glass to view a question mark.

Inference Activities Part 1: Hands on Activities

StellarTrek, a small handheld GPS device with 9 buttons.

StellarTrek: O&M Tool