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Quorum Programming Language: Accessible Programming

Quorum is a free programming language that is accessible with screen readers - including the tutorials!

Computer science is a wide open field for everyone – including people who are visually impaired.  Do you have a student who is currently interested in or is taking a computer programing class?  Many programming languages are very visual; however, Quorum is an evidence-based programming language that is designed to be accessible with a screen reader.  Quorum is available for both Windows PC and Mac.

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Learn more about Quorum on the Quorum Website.

The Quorum Website organizes the programming into easily digested chunks:

Quorum Tutorials

Quorum Lessons provide extra labs and assignments for classroom usage.

Screen divided into 4 sections:  Mary's video, step-by-step directions, area to write code, & area to run code.

Follow Mary’s video series: Mary in an Hour of Code.  Each video is accompanied by written instructions, a screen where you type in your code and then the ability to run the code you just created!

By Diane Brauner

Math worksheet with three order of operations equations including 4 x 3 - 6.

Digitally accessible math worksheets

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PhET Accessible Simulations: Physics and More!

Graphic of an accessible math expression and an editable text box.

Accessible Math Editor: Word