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Question Wall

This is an ongoing opportunity for students to ask, WHY? Students both post and answer questions posted by other students.

The heart of scientific thought is asking questions, with WHY the main question we would like our students to ask?  This idea was presented to me several years ago and I have fleshed out adapting it for my classroom.  Often, students ask interesting questions that are off topic.  I usually plan to return to answer the question, but often forget.  This activity allows students to learn to research more effectively and find answers to the questions that arise.  Students have the opportunity to ask questions while other students answer using a questions board.



Decide where to best set up the question board in your classroom.

I have decided to set it up on the bulletin board outside of my classroom.  I liked the title  “Inquiring Minds Want to Know”, but you can choose whatever title seems appropriate. 


When a question comes up in class or a student has a question that they would like to post, the question should be e-mailed or given to the teacher.

The teacher will post all questions on the board in both print and braille for students to read.  If a student would like to answer a question, he/she should research the topic and answer the question via e-mail or directly to the teacher.  Students should let the teacher know so that the teacher can remove that question from the board. 

As time allows during class, possible as a warm-up or closure to class, a question and the answer can be discussed.  

Provide some type of incentive for answering questions.  I have offered WildCat awards.  At TSBVI, we are encouraged to write WildCat awards (our mascot) for various positive social and academic behaviors as well as expanded core curriculum successes.    

Some teachers may choose to offer extra credit points.  


For those who have an on-line community of learners set up in some manner, this activity could be presented in an on-line format.

NGSS Standards

Science and Engineering – K

Science and Engineering – 1st grade

Science and Engineering Practices

By Laura Hospitál

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