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Build listening skills through video books!

Melissa is a creative first grade teacher who shares wonderful resources on her Head First Grade website.  She has recently shared a free resource: QR Code Video Book Library. This library is full of YouTube video books that are accessed through a QR code. Not only has she taken the time to gather these terrific video books and created the accompanying QR codes, she has organized these books into categories! 

The library is images of the book cover and the associated QR code, printed 9 to a page. Teachers or parents can share the desired book cover image and QR code with students. The student accesses the video books using the camera app on their smart phone or tablet. In the camera app, when the image includes a QR code, a yellow YouTube button will appear. Simply tap the YouTube button to access the video book! Super simple and fully accessible with a screen reader. Note: When using a VoiceOver on an iPad or iPhone, a two finger double tap will start or stop the video book.

Melissa has given permission to Paths to Technology to share her free QR Code Book Library.

The QR Code Library has organized books into groups, following seasons/holidays, events, animals/bugs, special topics (dental health, fire safety), fairy tales, and more. It’s super easy find the perfect video book for any occasion!

The pages fit easily into a binder. There are typically 9 QR codes per page, laid out in a 3×3 grid. Note: For young students who are visually impaired, you may choose to cut the blocks (book cover and corresponding QR code) apart and give the student only one block at a time. It is helpful to indicate which way is up by clipping the top right corner of the image (the QR code is below the book cover image). If desired, add a braille label or tactile symbol so that the student can independently identify the desired book.

Set your students up for successful by creating opportunities for students to build listening skills. Listening to these great stories is an excellent way for young students with visual impairments to develop good listening skills and a love for books! 

Be sure to check out Melissa’s website for more wonderful resources! Head First Grade website


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