A pink adapted chair sits in a classroom.

Pummel directions for an adapted chair

Step by step directions for including a pummel in an adapted chair.

  1. Cut a 10 inch piece of 1/2 inch CPVC pipe.
    10 inch pvc pipe illustration
  2. Create a wooden ring, using 1/4 inch plywood, drill press, 5/8 inch Forstner Bit, and 1 3/8 Hole Saw. 
    Wooden ring illustration

    • Clamp 1/4 inch plywood to drill press platform.
    • Fasten 5/8 inch Forstner Bit to the drill press.
      forstner bit
    • Position the platform to the desired position. (The diameter of the ring will be 1 3/8 so ensure you leave yourself enough room on the plywood.) Lock the platform in place.
    • Drill the center hole for the ring.
    • Keeping your platform in the exact same place remove the Forstner bit and replace it with the 1 3/8 Hole Saw. Drill outer portion of the ring. 
      hole saw
    • Cut the desired amount of rings and set the aside. 
  3. Cut single ply cardboard into 3 1/2 x 10 1/2 inch pieces. Ensure the flutes run up and down so that you fold with them rather than across them. Roll cardboard into a tight spiral to pre-bend the cardboard.
    measured cardboard illustration
  4. Place wooden ring on PVC pipe.
    wooden ring on pvc pipe illustration 
  5. Using hot glue tightly wrap and glue the single ply cardboard onto the top portion of the PVC pipe. Ensure it is secure and then place the glue on the top of the wooden ring (part adjacent to the cardboard) and glue the ring to the bottom of the wrapped cardboard piece. Diameter of the cardboard should match the diameter of the ring. 
    illustration of cardboard wrapped and glued around pvc pipe
  6. Sand the edge where the cardboard overlaps at the top with the belt or disc sander.

NOTE: The dimensions above instruct how to fabricate small pummels for toddlers. The length of the PVC and the diameter of the ring/wrapped cardboard may be adjusted to create a larger pummel.


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A pink adapted chair sits in a classroom.

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