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Project INSPIRE survey: What do YOU want?

What do you need to know about UEB Technical braille to support your student in STEM courses?

Project INSPIRE is a 5-year federally funded project. A main activity of Project INSPIRE is to create professional development materials for individuals who support PK-12 grade braille readers in STEM education. During the first 4 years of our project, our focus has been on Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts. We have developed 6 self-paced free courses. 

During Year 5, which begins in October, we will release a course focused on UEB Technical. We want to hear from teachers of students with visual impairments, PK-12 braille transcribers, and paraprofessionals about what topics they want us to include in the course. Please share your ideas below and invite others who are supporting PK-12 braille readers using UEB Technical to share their ideas. This very short survey closes April 14. 

Currently, more than 375 people have taken one or more of Project INSPIRE’s five free, on demand, self-paced courses that have focused on Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts. Have you taken advantage of these amazing professional development opportunities? Help your braille student to succeed in STEM courses and careers!

Project INSPIRE survey

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Graphic: "Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers"

Explaining accommodations to substitute teachers

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