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Preposition and spatial concepts worksheets

These worksheets were created with images I created with the Procreate app (See Procreate App: Creating Customized Materials post) and put into a worksheet template on Canva (free for teachers). I created these worksheets to send home with my student for practice when we are virtual. The cutting and pasting activity also targets other skills students may need to work on or can practice. 

picture of cat matching worksheet with word choices on left (in, left, right, under, above, behind) and cat images with cat bed or table in the right column.Cat cut and paste worksheet with cat images and blank boxes underneath on the first page and spatial words on the second page.

Worksheet Resources

I also print and then laminate the large image so that we have the same images for hands-on activities. Cut the images (e.g., cat and bed) apart so that the student can manipulate them individually. Students can also practice following directions and listening skills using these large images. You can give them a directive and they can place the image in whatever spatial concept you desire. 

Picture of large cat image and cat bed image.picture of large dog image and firetruck image.

Large Image Resources

I can remove the color from the images, and I can make them raised line drawings for students that need it. I can also change the images on the worksheets to be black line drawings if needed. These black line images work well with a PIAF machine! I can also put the worksheets on a manila folder and laminate them, then put braille labels on them with raised line images and create a reusable activity. Or I can keep them large print and put them on the folder and laminate them and make it reusable as well. Another option is to simply print things off and send them home for practice.

Simple black line drawing of the cat and the cat bed - ideal for PIAF machine.Simple black line drawing of dog and firetruck images - ideal for PIAF machine.

Black Line Image Resources

These images can also be used to create PowerPoint and PDF “books”. Each page in the Kitty Book has one simple sentence, related picture and the spatial word is repeated on the page.

Screenshot from the Kitty PPT book with the cat on the table and sentence

Book Resources

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By Dr.Blevins

Math worksheet with three order of operations equations including 4 x 3 - 6.

Digitally accessible math worksheets

TumbleBooks logo: Character with blue pages, white hands and white feet. Hands are waving in the air as the character is about to cartwheel.

TumbleBooks: Audio narrated picture books for low vision

A colorful decorated gingerbread man cookie.

Gingerbread man: Sequence, copy and paste activities