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Preparing for an Elementary-Aged Science Student

This blog provides guidance for TVIs who will have a student in elementary science.

By Laura Hospitál, TVI and Science Teacher at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

This post is designed to provide practical guidance for the TVI who is facilitating instruction for a student in elementary school science. Because content varies depending on grade level, the TVI will find that some of these materials are not necessary each year of elementary school.

Products to Purchase

I recommend buying these items in the spring if possible, in preparation for a class the following fall.

From APH (Available on Quota Funds)

Purchase from Sources Other than APH (or from APH not on Quota Funds)

Other Resources to Purchase: 

Preparation for the TVI:

Additional Resources:

Tips for Creating Access to Science for Students with Visual Impairments
This post provides general tips for adapting other science instruction.  While it is not specific to chemistry, the general suggestions are concise and helpful.  

Science Literacy by Kate Fraser

Simple Adaptations to Increase Accessibility in Science Instruction
Kate Fraser provides excellent adaptations and suggestions in this blog post.

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Many thanks to Brenda O’Sail and Clare Scallon, both former Elementary Teachers at TSBVI,  for their collaboration on this blog. 

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