Preparing for college

Tips on preparing for college

The transition to college means learning what is involved in the application process, selecting a school, and preparing for the move to campus.

The transition to college involves many steps, from learning about what is involved in the application process to selecting a school to making the actual move itself.  We offer these guidelines to provide a framework for some of the steps.

Research requirements for college

While the requirements for each college are a bit different, the following should be considered:

Visit college campuses

Prepare in high school

Develop self-advocacy and self-determination skills

Learn about the financial aspects of higher education

Contact rehabilitation agencies

Learn what resources will be available on campus

Navigating the campus

Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to ask for whatever help or support you need!

Getting started with Transition Planning:

Transition Timeline: Where to Start

Student-Driven Transition Planning

Preparing for Transition Using an Activity-Based Self-Determination Curriculum

Preparing for College


Tools for Planning

Sample Forms and Assessment Tools

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Science and engineering mentorship program

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How I organize digital files for my classes

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