PowerPoint slide from the Alphabet Book: Airplane image and sound clip.

PowerPoint Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

Fun themes for teaching students to create PowerPoint Presentations.

Students are learning to create PowerPoint (or the Apple equivalent, Keynote presentations) in early elementary school.  Here are some simple PowerPoint themes to help you and your students get started!

PowerPoints are a ‘slide show’ on a computer. Each slide is like a page in a book.  Students can write their ‘story’, add pictures, sound effects, and videos.

Initially, have the student create a ‘paper’ draft of his/her first PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) to plan what the presentation will look like.  Depending the student’s age or abilities, the student can write an outline for each slide or write the full text for each slide.

Class Project

The classroom teacher should walk the class through step-by-step instructions on how to create PPT slides and if desired, how to add features.  Consider creating a class PPT presentation; divide the students into groups and have each group create a slide or several slides that will be combined for the class presentation.  For younger students, the class PPT could be an alphabet book.  Each slide would be a letter in the alphabet, with a picture that is associated with the letter.  Add a fun sound clip too!  Example:  The ‘A’ slide could have a picture of an airplane, the word ‘airplane’ (or sentence about an airplane) and a sound clip of an airplane flying.  Students can draw the picture or find a picture on-line.  The teacher can demonstrate creating the first slide or two, then the student groups can create the rest of the slide deck. 

Another class project could be to create a PPT about their class.  This PPT could include a slide for each student and staff (take digital pictures of the class/staff), the classes’ schedule, class rules, etc.  This PPT can be shown to parents during Open House and each student can keep a copy of the PPT.

PPT Themes

All About Me

If the students are learning to write, for homework, ask the parents to help the student answer these questions:

Students can bring in pictures, send in digital pictures or draw pictures. For students who are working on writing/story skills, the classroom teacher may determine how many slides are required and/or the minimum length of text per slide. 

Favorite Pet (Day as your pet)

School Day 

Book Report


Create a PPT about your student’s eye condition, IEP modifications, preferences, technology that the student uses, etc.  For ideas, see the post on Samantha: Self-Advocating Transition to Middle School Video.  A video like Samantha’s can be embedded into the PPT presentation or the video content can be written and incorporated into the slide deck.  For additional Advocacy ideas, see the post on College Preparedness #3: How to Explain Accommodations.

This Advocacy PPT can be shared with the IEP team, current staff and next year’s staff (at the end/beginning of the school year)

How to create an Accessible PPT

Create a PPT to share with Teachers (or peers) about how to make an accessible PPT or Word Document.

Teacher Hints

Did you create a PowerPoint presentation that can be used by other students and teachers?  Please send your educational PowerPoint to [email protected] or share the PPT directly on Paths to Technology!

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