Image of a document in a  portable scanner and a PC

Portable Scanner: Last Minute Converting Print to Word Document

Looking for a scanner? Check out this portable scanner!

What can a student do when the teacher passes out a last minute assignment in class?  This video by Dr. Denise Robinson demonstrates using a portable scanner (Brother DS Mobile 600 scanner) and accessible OCR software (OpenBook or Kurzweil) to instantly convert the print to an accessible, digital format.  

Advantages: Portable system and that is accessible; students can convert last minute documents quickly and independently.

Disadvantages: This scanner physically plugs into a PC, OpenBook and Kurzweil only work with a PC; the scanner and software options do not work with a Mac or iPad.  The software costs about $1,000; there are other systems – that may or may not be accessible – that are not as expensive.

By Diane Brauner

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