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Want to learn how to ______? Just YouTube it! Do-it-Yourself projects are popular YouTube videos in this digital information age. Learn how to cook, build a shed, refinish a table, master a coding language, and live in Alaska – all through watching your favorite YouTube bloggers! YouTubers are now ‘teachers’ who share their knowledge through videos. Popular YouTubers have hundreds of thousands – even millions – of followers. 

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YouTube and the VI Community

How does YouTube impact the VI community? After all, YouTubes are videos and highly visual! YouTubers who want to create accessible videos verbally describe what is happening in the videos, making these videos accessible without any additional work. Videos can also be audio described, captioned and a transcription can be provided. There are numerous YouTube personalities who are visually impaired who share tips for living with a disability, answer questions from sighted viewers and discuss blindness-related topics. These blind YouTubers are changing expectations and are helping others who are visually impaired.

Blind YouTubers

There are many agencies and groups that have YouTube blogs also called vlogs (video blogs). Here are a list of popular YouTube individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Molly Burke: An upbeat vlogger who often shares about makeup and fashion. (Currently 1,781,435 subscribers)

Tommy Edison Experience: A humorous vlogger who has been blind since birth, talks about living without sight. (Currently 633,909 subscribers)

Joy Ross: A blind mother shares tips about living joyfully with blindness. (Currently 93,241 subscribers)

Lucy Edwards: A blind, 22 year old makeup obsessed ginger woman and her cute guide dog named Olga! (Currently 28,459 subscribers)

James Rath: A filmmaker, accessibility activist and speaker shares about accessible technology. (Currently 19,772 subscribers)

Blind Life: Sam is a big fan of mobile technology and low vision accessibility and shares his tricks of navigating life with low vision. (Currently 11,918 subscribers)

Justin Holland: A motivating blind bodybuilder who inspires others to overcome any challenge. (Currently 4,958 subscribers)

Fashioneyesta: Emily Davison likes to talk style, beauty and lifestyle; the other side of her channel shares about sight loss, Septo Optic Dysplasia, chronic illness, and her guide dog – after all, who doesn’t love cute dog videos!  (Currently 4,311 subscribers)

Blind to Billionaire: Matt’s personal goal is to prove that anyone can do anything that they desire. Matt who loves to travel and explore various beaches and islands, shares about living (and traveling) with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). 

How Casey Sees It: Educating the world about visual impairments and blindness. (Currently 2,458 subscribers)

Life After Sight Loss:  Derek Daniel is dedicated to helping individuals and families discover life after sight loss. Derek provides encouragement, product reviews, life advice, how to’s and much more! (Currently 1,601 subscribers)

In the video below, Colin and Samir share how a visually impaired YouTuber makes videos.

Please share YOUR favorite blind/visually impaired YouTuber!

By Diane Brauner

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