The picture is of a person holding a plant from below the roots.

Plant Parts Put to Song

This activity, appropriate for K-2 or older modified students, teaches the parts of a plant through a familiar song.

Using the familiar tune to The Farmer in the Dell, this activity teaches students the parts of a plant and reinforces these concepts.


None needed but your voice.  No need for any vocal training, just a willingness to try something new. 


Sing through the song several times before teaching it to the students. 

Use the song below to reinforce each new part of a plant that you have discussed with your students.  I added a new line each time I taught a new plant part.

Sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell. 

Plants have many parts, plants have many parts, Hi-Ho-the-derryo, plants have many parts.

The leaves make the food (clap twice); the leaves make the food (clap twice), Hi-Ho-the-derryo, the leaves make the food.

The roots suck up the water (make a sucking sound), the roots such up the water (repeat sound), Hi-Ho-the-derryo; the roots suck up the water.

The stem holds it up, the stem hold it up, the stem holds it up and brings water to the leaves.

The seeds make new plants, the seeds make new plants; Hi-Ho-the-derryo  the seeds make new plants.

The fruit grows the seeds, the fruit grows the seeds, Hi-Ho-the-derryo, the fruit grows the seeds.

NGSS Standards:

1st Grade – Structure, Function, and Information Processing. 

LS1.A: Structure and Function

By Laura Hospitál

Collage of plant parts put to song

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