Plant Parts: Matching Game and Bingo

This activity helps students to learn the shape, size , and feel of different plant parts.


To reinforce the names of parts of plants and the different size, shape and feel of each part in different types of plants for students with visual impairments

Suggested Time:

One thirty-minute period



  1. Tape examples of the different parts of a plant to each child’s Velcro board.
  2. Give each student braille cards of the parts of plants. Ask them to match the word to the corresponding part on their Velcro board.
  3. Swap the boards with students who have parts from different species (for example: oak leaf, acorn, or maple seed)
  4. Discuss with students the similarities and differences.
  5. Reinforce vocabulary introduced in the lesson by using braille bingo boards. Give children the definition and have them place a chip on the appropriate braille word. Example: Put a chip on the word for the part of the plant that grows down or under the ground.

NGSS Standards:

LS1.A: Structure and Function

collage of plant part matching game and bingo

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