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PhET is a suite of research-based interactive computer simulations for teaching and learning physics, chemistry, math and other sciences. “PhET” was originally an acronym for Physics Education Technology. However, the PhET site now includes simulations about many other subjects besides physics, so the acronym is too limiting. PhET simulations are used in both K12 and college classrooms. PhET is working on increasing the accessibility of the PhET simulations for all learners by using alternative input, sonification, interactive description, pan and zoom, and voicing. (See  PhET Accessibility page for more information.)

Accessibility and PhET video:

Accessible Simulations

To view the full list of published accessible simulations here. You can search by subject, grade level, compatibility and select the desired inclusive features. The access and inclusive features are:

The following are pre-release simulations with inclusive features:

PhET Simulations are compatible with iPads, Chromebooks, Android tablets, Macs and PCs. PhET also has school purchase plans.

Note: PhET Simulations apps are currently 99 cents.

By Diane Brauner

Graphic of an accessible math expression and an editable text box.

Accessible Math Editor: Word

Math worksheet with three order of operations equations including 4 x 3 - 6.

Digitally accessible math worksheets

APH's Crossword puzzle logo and text

APH Accessible Crossword Puzzle App Review