Light switch activity for CVI Phase II

CVI activity: Light switches

When a student with CVI is in transition from Phase I to Phase II it can sometimes be hard to find activities that will motivate them and be functional.

My student with CVI is building their functional vision and continues to be attracted to lights. We are searching for activities that are functional and motivating for him so that light can be used as a tool for this. Because we want him to start working on cause/effect skills, reaching, and fine motor skills, I decided to make an activity board with 2 LED Wall Switch Lights (found at Dollar Store). One light was outlined in red and the other in black. I glued red foam on half of a piece of cardboard and black construction paper on the other half. I then mounted the red light on the black background and the black light on the red background using the Velcro strips that came with the package. This activity board can then be hung up on a wall or put on a reading stand at an angle so the student can easily interact and push the switches on and off.

  1. Cut piece of cardboard to size desired.
  2. Cut red and black paper to the size of half of cardboard.
  3. Place batteries in light switches.
  4. Attach velcro included in light switch package to back of light switches.
  5. Place each light switch on both sides of board.

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