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Perkins Career Launch virtual business tech bootcamps

Share this opportunity to master business-related tech skills with high school graduates!

High school graduates need strong technology skills to be successful in professional settings. Do you know a high school graduate who would benefit from a business-related tech skills bootcamp? Career Launch is offering early 2023 Virtual Tech Bootcamp Sessions – tech training to enable adults to effectively and efficiently optimize productivity in the workplace. This training will focus on the most commonly used tools: Google Workspace and Microsoft Suite. The week-long virtual course includes 20 hours of coursework.

Business tech curriculum

The Bootcamps focus on:


Google Workspace sessions

Microsoft Suite sessions

Cost: $250 for a week-long virtual session with live Zoom classes, independent assignments and pre- and post-assessments.

See Business tech bootcamps for details and to apply.

By Diane Brauner

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