Drawing of the 4 PAVE steps: 1. PDF document

PAVE: Web Tool to Check PDF Accessibility

Quickly make existing PDF documents accessible using the PAVE web tool.

The classroom teacher shares a PDF document.  How do you identify accessibility issues and fix those accessibility issues so that your student who uses a screen reader can access the document?  Is there a general education teacher who has existing educational materials that he/she wants to make accessible?  Students who are visually impaired or blind use screen readers to read aloud electronic documents.  However, these screen readers work best when the documents are properly tagged.  PAVE is a web tool that easily “tags” or makes existing PDF documents accessible so that students who use screen readers can access the document.  PAVE 2.0 resolves many accessibility issues automatically.

PAVE is available free of charge for personal use. Contact PAVE directly to make a large volume of PDFs accessible.

Four Steps to Accessible PDF

  1. Upload your PDF document on the Pave website.
  2. PAVE will make the automatic corrections.
  3. PAVE will guide you to make the remaining corrections. Make the these corrections yourself.
  4. Download the accessible PDF document.

The PDF document will remain on the PAVE server for a maximum of three weeks, unless you delete it manually beforehand.

By Diane Brauner

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