The ECC Orientation and Mobility: A Student's Perspective

Orientation and Mobility: A Student’s Perspective

What does Emma think about the ECC area of O&M?

The ECC or Expanded Core Curriculum consists of the knowledge and skills needed by a student with a visual disability to access core content areas. Everyone involved in the life of a student with a visual disability should seek to learn as much as possible about the ECC which is organized into the nine areas listed below 

Nine Areas of the E.C.C.

ECC a Student’s Perspective Introduction (first post in this series)

Images of a student in a wheelchair using a cane along a sidewalk trail, toddler using an AMD, and student's feet at a curb with cane in the gutter.

Orientation and Mobility

Orientation is the ability to know where you are in your environment and where you want to go. Mobility is the ability to move safely and effectively while traveling utilizing sighted guide, cane skills or a guide dog.

Orientation and Mobility is the set of skills needed for students, who are visually impaired to know where they are in their environment and to move safely and independently while traveling.

As Dr. Seuss wrote, “You have Brains in your head

                                      you have feet in your shoes 

                                      you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Vision Aware, a website hosted by APH (The American Printing House for the Blind) provides an overview and brief history of Orientation and Mobility.

By Nancy Moskowicz

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How to use Guided Access for testing

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Fast facts about audio description

Illustration of a ghost using a white cane with a thought bubble containing a question mark above their head

Incorporating blindness canes into Halloween costumes