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Orbit Reader 20: Translating a File Created on the Orbit to Print

This article, orbit Reader Part 5, will focus on translating files created on the Orbit into print.


NOTE: Prior to reading this article, you may wish to review previous articles in this series:

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In this article, we will concentrate on translating files created on the Orbit Reader into print for sighted teachers. Though we will list the steps of this procedure in the article, there will also be a YouTube video providing a step by step walk through.  

A Note and a Word of Caution

You may wonder why these direct instructions are even needed…after all, you probably have Braille 2000, Braille Blaster, or Duxbury installed and they should do the job.  Well, yes and no…

What has been happening with many individuals is that when the file created on the Orbit is opened in one of those programs, it only shows the first 20 or so words and will cut off.  As you can imagine, this is often a problem. The steps below should prevent this.

Also, as I have said before, it is not recommended that this device be used as a primary way of composing assignments.  It is challenging to edit on the device due to lack of cursor routing keys and many students find it challenging to compose using the specific navigation and edit commands discussed in the previous articles

That being said, the editing functions are best used as a “scratch pad” of sorts for the student to use for notetaking and writing down information that will remain on the unit.

Send to Braille and Back from Braille

The first thing you will need to do is have the Send to Braille program on your PC.  It can be found at or you can download ithe Send to Braille here.  

Once you’ve downloaded the file, open your browser’s download page by clicking on the arrow or pressing control + J. Follow the installation instructions on your screen.  

Saving a .txt Version of your Files

Screenshot of Send to Braille program with Send to and popup menu options.

Screenshot of Notepad with title of document.brf. Format tab is selected and Word Wrap is selected in drop down menu.

Screenshot of Notepad with title of Starspangled.brf, testbrf and text of Star Spangled Banner lyrics.


Want more resources?  You can view the Orbit User Guide here.  

Also, please check out the Orbit Reader video below.  It provides a step by step walkthrough of the process from beginning to end.  

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