screenshot of BlindSquare home screen with the Tool bar

O&M Lesson Using BlindSquare with VoiceOver

Here is an O&M lesson to help you get started with BlindSquare using VoiceOver.

Instructor: Laurie Wright

Objective: Student will explore BlindSquare main page using VoiceOver gestures, and ‘set’ 2 points of interest in “my places.”

Student:  Senior in high school; low vision within legally blind parameters

Location: Public library quiet room

Materials:  I-phone

Step 1: Given verbal prompt, student will scroll Settings in phone to locate and select Accessibility and activate VoiceOver.

Step 2:  Student will activate VoiceOver Practice to get a ‘feel’ for finger functions and motions. 

Step 3:  After closing practice (press ‘done’ at top right corner of screen w/double tap), student will go to BlindSquare App to open:

Screenshot of BlindSquare home screen showing tool bar with Search, add, Tools, 4Square, Other, Filter, Pause

Screenshot of BlindSquare Filter page with Places Only selected.

By lwright4

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