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O&M Forms & Handouts that Make YOUR Job Easier!

Love your job but hate the paperwork? Here are handouts and forms just for you!

Organized paperwork is a MUST for back-to-school O&Ms! There is a seemingly endless list of things to keep track of and to organize at the beginning of each school year. While I love working with students, I can honestly say that I dread the paperwork. I bet you can relate! Streamline your paperwork equivalates to more time with your students. Amy Bova has tried and true O&M-related forms that keep her organized throughout the year and O&M-related handouts that she shares with staff. Amy has graciously sharing these forms with us!

O&M Information to Share with Staff

O&M Forms

Amy first shared these forms at the Penn-Del AER in 2016.

Do you have suggestions of things to be added to these existing resources? Do you have additional resources/handouts that you use? Ideas might include handouts with information about specific cane skills, independence or other O&M skill that your student is learning and needs reinforcement with, handout about on how to walk in line (for a kindergarten student), expectations on how to navigate the cafeteria, safety/expectations on the playground, etc. If you have handouts or forms that work well, please share them! Together we can work smarter not harder!

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Space Camp: Helping students with disabilities reach new heights

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