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ObjectiveEd: IEP Meetings

Learn how ObjectiveEd games are beneficial for progress monitoring and IEP meetings!

Since the company was founded, it has strived to earn the support of the TVIs and O&Ms. By attending regional and nationwide conferences, holding scores of webinars, and winning awards, ObjectiveEd has reached many teachers who now know and respect its products. ObjectiveEd has been authorized by the Academy of Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals to give Continuing Education credit to teachers and specialists for educating them about innovative concepts in teaching people with visual impairments.

ObjectiveEd won the Louis Braille Touch of Genius Award, the Florida AER award for Innovator of the Year, the American Council of the Blind Annual Award, and the Microsoft AI for Accessibility Grant to use AI to improve braille literacy.

When the COVID pandemic hit, schools trusted ObjectiveEd to help them; over 500 schools have adopted one or more of the ObjectiveEd products to provide distance and hybrid learning for their BLV students. After letting schools use these products for free for six months, ObjectiveEd started selling in September 2020 and already several hundred school districts have subscribed, including:

While many of the schools initially looked at ObjectiveEd to help with hybrid learning, they found that it reinforces the skills that the TVI or O&M is working on during student sessions. ObjectiveEd’s digital curriculum is used in both in-person learning, at-home practice and distance learning. 

There are 15 skill-building games available (8 O&M, 5 Braille Literacy and 2 Assistive Tech) with many to be released over the next year. The games focus on skills including Laterality, Verticality, Directionality, Assistive Technology Gestures, Wayfinding, Mental Mapping, Sound Localization, Sound Identification, Memory Skills, Sequencing, Braille.

In the IEP Meeting video below, ObjectiveEd describes how a TVI/COMS can use ObjectiveEd games progress monitoring to show progress during an IEP meeting, to answer questions a parent, teacher or administrator might have, and how to use the data to help determine the next related IEP goals.


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