Cartoon drawing of Sara handing Kamal an iPad with text

ObjectiveEd: Assistive Technology

This video introduces to apps that teach/reinforce VoiceOver gestures.

A common IEP tech goal for beginner VoiceOver users is to learn how to make the VoiceOver gestures. In this whiteboard video, ObjectiveEd explains how two of their games, Speed Gesture and Simon can be used to teach VoiceOver gestures during hybrid lessons. TVI’s can quickly and easily monitor the student’s progress through the ObjectiveEd Dashboard.

Sara and Kamal demonstrate the Speed Gesture game in the video below:


By ObjectiveEd

Ish book cover with an illustration of a child running with a paintbrush and text: Peter H Reynolds

“Ish” book: Drawing, estimating, and digital table activities

Image of the graphed y = sin(x) equation

Understanding Desmos: Sonification lessons

A young man who is blind sitting in the back seat of a car

Looking forward to moving out