Elementary student standing outside in a jacket looking through a monocular while coding his long cane.

The Numbers Hunt: iBook about Using a Monocular

1534, 631, 25 - what numbers can you find?

Quinn, an elementary student with low vision, goes on a fun Numbers Hunt. This exciting O&M lesson included using a monocular to read house addresses along his route. Jane, Quinn’s Orientation and Mobility Specialist, took pictures of Quinn as he located the various numbers. After the lesson, Quinn wrote about his activity using his iPad which he then used to make the Numbers Hunt book. Where did Quinn find the numbers? What were the numbers? Read his book to find out!

To Download Quinn’s Book

  1. Download the free iBooks app on your iOS or Mac.
  2. Click on The Numbers Hunt. The book will download to your device.
  3. If using an iOS device, select Open in iBooks; If using a Mac, the book will be in Downloads. Select and Open in iBooks.

Want to follow Quinn on another O&M lesson? Check out his story about going to Shopko! (Link to Shopko iBook)

iBooks are fully accessible with VoiceOver on iOS devices and Mac computers. Read the story and answer Quinn’s questions!

These books were created using the iBook Author app, a free application for Apple computers. iBook Author is currently the only book app that enables users to create accessible multiple choice questions. Learn more about iBook Author Application here.  

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By Diane Brauner

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