Graphic organizer of file folders and the files that go into them.

Now Where Did I Save that Assignment??

When your students have 65 Untitled Documents in their Google Drive, how will they find that math assignment to turn in?

I currently teach in two school districts which provide Chromebooks to students and use the Google Platform for online communications and instruction. For progress monitoring of skills, I needed some type of data collection that would be tailored for organizational skills within the Google Platform. The attached checklist, “Electronic Organization and Study Skills (Google Platform)” has gone through a number of iterations and is based on numerous checklists I have looked at from colleagues and other sources. The skills in the checklist are based on the specific skills needed to work with Google Apps and organize files and folders in Google Drive.

The file is not copyrighted or protected in any way, because I know that when I am using a new checklist it drives me crazy if I can’t tailor it for my specific needs and make it look the way I think it should look! Feel free to download it and play around with it, and post any suggestions you have for improving it. All I ask is that if you make significant changes to the document, please edit the footer so that it says something to the effect of, “Adapted from a checklist created at The Vision Institute of SC, Inc.”

I hope it proves helpful to many of you!

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